About Us

BEETMANN is committed to making a positive contribution to the environment through sustainable technologies and superior business models.

Climate change is one of the most serious environmental issues that the world is experiencing and that involves all companies, large, medium, small and from all industries. Faced with this problem, it is important that companies renew their processes and make use of environmentally friendly technologies.

At Beetmann we develop innovative solutions focused on sustainable technologies and actions that help reduce the environmental impact of companies, while providing them with tools that allow them to manage their energy consumption more efficiently and transparently. Committed to the environment, we support our clients in the reduction and neutrality of CO2 emissions, as well as waste treatment, in order to generate a positive balance between the impact of companies and the planet earth.

National scope.

We have offices in various parts of the country, from where we offer a first-class service to everyone. These are some states:






We operate under all the regulatory requirements of CRE and CENACE.



Our commitment to the planet.

Since 2020 we have joined the United Nations Global Compact, an act that strengthens our commitment to operate responsibly in accordance with the ten principles and to take strategic measures to advance towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We support:

Human rights.


Labor Standards.


Adhering to this initiative supports us to firmly support our business strategy focused on sustainability, which through data, science and innovation, seeks to create a balance between profitability for companies, the correct use of resources in the energy sector and the reduction of negative impacts to the environment. As part of Beetmann's DNA are the following SDGs:

At Beetmann we ensure the full and effective participation of women, providing equal leadership opportunities at all levels of the company, starting with the members of our administrative council.

We work daily to reduce the negative environmental impact per capita, paying special attention to air quality by neutralizing the carbon footprint of companies.

It is imperative to considerably increase the proportion of renewable energy in the set of energy sources, through our Power and Energy divisions, we develop and implement on-site renewable energy generation systems together with the management, optimization and qualified supply of electrical energy from various sources. renewable sources.

To achieve economic growth and sustainable development, it is urgent to reduce the ecological footprint through a change in the methods of production and consumption of goods and resources. For example, if everyone changed their light bulbs to energy efficient ones, they would save US$120 billion a year. In this sense, sustainable consumption and production consist of doing more and better with less.

We protect labor rights and promote a safe and risk-free work environment for all our collaborators, all our personnel are hired on an internal payroll managed by the company, receive training, have 100% home office flexibility (prior to the pandemic) and have benefits medical and life insurance.

Climate change is affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives. Weather systems are changing, sea levels are rising, and weather events are becoming more extreme. Beetmann focuses mainly on the fulfillment of this objective, climate action, actively and decisively contributing to a sustainable and low-carbon future to fight against climate change.

We improve the technological capacity of the industrial sector, promoting innovation through the search for new ways to generate more sustainable and efficient energy. Our volume of investment in R&D is approximately 5% per year.

Conflict, insecurity, weak institutions and limited access to justice continue to pose a serious threat to sustainable development. At Beetmann we have a strong code of ethics against corruption and bribery; we believe in effective and transparent institutions at all levels that are accountable and thus ensure a future full of life in accordance with national laws and international agreements.

The SDGs can only be achieved with strong global partnerships and cooperation. Beetmann contributes directly to achieving SDG 17 by joining the Global Compact and participating collaboratively with various companies in different projects and initiatives with a global impact.


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