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Beetmann helps clients to optimize their energy consumption, offering the best supply solution with the optimal mix of on-site generation, storage and wholesale electricity market for each client.

Electricity Supply:

Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM)

Our customers can buy their energy in the Wholesale Electricity Market as Qualified Users at the lowest price and with full transparency, eliminating intermediaries and commissions.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Thanks to the close relationship with the generators, Beetmann Energy is in charge of managing the processes required if a customer opts for a PPA.


The data generated by the ALUX energy management system is used to specify the demand curves and choose the most efficient way to obtain energy with the following options:

  • Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM)
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • Microgrids

Distributed generation

The solar energy generation systems are tailor-made using the information captured with the sole objective of saving our customers money and all our projects are turnkey. We mainly carry out projects in Isolated Supply mode to generate as much energy as possible close to the center of consumption and the remaining energy is delivered through a qualified supply.


Current consumption optimization

The ALUX energy management system identifies areas of opportunity to optimize current consumption and, therefore, save on electricity bills.

Energy measurement and control:

Energy efficiency

The ALUX energy management system provides accurate and useful information in real-time for energy efficiency management.


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